Consciousness Coaching Academy

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English (UK)
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Terms & conditions




CCI = Creative Consciousness Inc


CCA = Creative Consciousness Academy 


Consciousness Coaching® = the methodology used by CCA


3rd Millennium INC = owner of the IP that CCA uses


Student = person who participates in the CCA curriculum


Admissions Policy


The CCA programs are for adults who possess:

  • The desire to learn and the willingness to grow
  • Motivation to persevere and succeed
  • Genuine interest in making a difference by using coaching
  • While not required, advanced education, experience in people-related fields, and personal maturity will enhance the participant’s ability to succeed




CCA acknowledges and commits to the Code of Ethics as outlined by the ICF (International Coach Federation). For more information, please visit the ICF web site. CCA does not represent any religious ideologies, or members of any sect, cult or dogmatic organization.




CCA and its coaches/trainers recognize that the students may have future plans, business affairs, customer lists, financial information, job information, goals, personal information, and other private information. CCA trainers will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, voluntarily use any information for their own benefit, or disclosure, or communicate this information to a third party. The student undertakes and commits not to use or disclose any information that has been shared or disclosed during any of CCA’s courses.


Student conduct and responsibilities


The student has been made aware that the programs offered by CCA are in no way to be construed as psychotherapy, psychological counseling, or any type of therapy. The Academy blends strong support for student learning and success with the student's commitment to learning. Student conduct must demonstrate this commitment & be visible in the form of full class attendance & for being open to learning. Students are expected to reinforce the learning nature of the environment and manage themselves accordingly.  Students who are absent for a half day or more from one module will be required to repeat the module or make up for it in an agreed upon way. In case of the latter CCA is entitled to charge for the extra hours of service the student may require from the trainer or his representatives. CCA does not support inappropriate or disruptive behavior that compromises the learning environment. If the behavior compromises the safety or personal rights of another individual, the student may be subject to remedial action, up to and including expulsion from the course or program.


Medical Conditions


We take our responsibility and your safety serious. If you have bi-polar or symptoms similar to bi-polar, or any medical conditions like schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, a history of mental illness or emotional instability, a history of drugs or alcohol abuse, we recommend you do not attend CCA’s courses. The student undertakes that she/he does not take psycho-pharmacological drugs, no illegal drugs and that she/he does not currently undergo psychotherapeutic treatment. If so, she/he is to inform any CCA authority immediately.


Quality and 100% money back guarantee


The contentment and the learning results of our students are our highest values. To offer our students only optimal contents is our commitment. It is our philosophy to do whatever it takes, so that the student reaches her/his goal in the most effective & comfortable way. If the student is not satisfied with any CCA program she/he is entitled to claim back her/his full tuition for the modules she/he graduated from. The prerequisite for the money back guarantee is the completion of each session of the program the student has registered for, her/his full attendance and active participation and having done and completed the program related assignments. The refund claim has to be made on the end of the last day of the program; after that a claim will cannot be recognized.


Copyright and intellectual property


The student acknowledges that 3rd Millennium INC is the owner of:

  • all rights to the intellectual property which include designs, know how, copyright, goodwill and trademarks whether existing now or in the future
  • all documentation, websites, the training manuals, workbooks and hand-outs, and any other copyrighted material that is used by CCA Creative Consciousness International.


The student undertakes and commits not to use or reproduce any of the material without written permission of CCA on behalf of 3rd Millennium INC. Should a student use any of the intellectual property in verbal proposals or presentations; oral acknowledgment of 3rd Millennium INC and Marc Steinberg as the owner and originators of the material is required.




The student is fully responsible for her/himself and her/his actions within and outside of CCA’s course programs. She/he is liable for possible damages. CCA and its trainers are released from any liability claims, except if these are based on intentional harmful behavior of the trainer.


Coaching sessions (CS) and observed coaching sessions (OCS)


A CCA student is entitled to purchase 6 CS after graduation form Master I. These 6 CS will be delivered by a CCA certified ECC® Expert Consciousness Coach®. The student may use the CS for being coached on any subject(s) of his own choice. The 6 CS need to be taken within 3 months of date of purchase; the 6 CS are not transferable. If the student has enrolled into the CCA exam component, s/he is entitled to take 6 OCS (exam application requirement). These 6 OCS are included in the exam component tuition. CCA OCS are facilitated by CCA certified OCS assessors only.


It is the student’s responsibility to claim and schedule her/his CS and OCS with her/his appointed coach; exceptions only upon request and written agreement.


Our coaching language


Consciousness Coaching® uses a certain coaching language, which is designed to reinforce the impact of the coaching. This language uses common words but rearranges the grammar in such a way that the wording matches the functioning of consciousness. Therefore the impact of the conversation with a Consciousness Coach® is comparatively significantly effective.


Student progress


Student progress is graded quantitatively and qualitatively on extensive mark sheets. Diploma level examinations are administered by ICF credentialed CCA examiners. Students must achieve a minimum score of 75-85% correct in each module to pass. With the focus on student success, students will receive extensive feedback on deficiencies, if and when deficiencies exist, for each examination attended. Students are entitled to repeat the exams for an additional retake fee.




A 10% deposit of the booked module(s) is required to hold a space in the program if payment is unable to be made within 7 days of invoice date.




The student is solely responsible for travel arrangements, flight fares, hotel reservations etc. and the costs thereof. 


Tuitions and payments


All tuitions are displayed on the CCA website or the local Creative Consciousness websites. Payment in full is due within 7 days of receipt of invoice. Without payment in time the student forfeits the right of a confirmed space. For late payment CCA reserves its right to charge interest, based on prime + 2. Payment plans: for every installment CCA charges a €15 administration fee.




Cancellations of a CCA program that the student has registered for are charged an additional administrative fee of 3% of the total tuition fee. Cancellations are only accepted in writing. If the cancellation is received less than 4 weeks prior the start of the program, CCA shall have the right to charge 20% of the tuition, less than 7 days before the start of the program 50% and less than 3 days before the start of the program 100%, except if the student provides someone else who is taking over the enrolment. Any materials received are to be returned at the student's expense. A full refund of all registration fees and tuition paid is granted if CCA does not accept the student.


Facilitation cancellation and/or rescheduling


CCA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule its trainings and/or events, although it will not be done without substantial reason. The student will be informed in time and the registration will be transferred free of charge to the next available training event.




The student is entitled to review any module he graduated from as many times s/he wishes to. This option is subject to availability of seats. Certain exercises may not be attended if the student participation number exceeds the maximum number assigned to the exercise. Assisting is another form of reviewing and available upon request. Please consult your local CCA representative.




If any provision (or part thereof) of these terms and conditions is found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the other provisions shall remain in force.