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Diploma Coach Training - Corporate

CCC (Creative Consciousness Corporate) International Diploma Coach Training ProgramTM
Consciousness Coaching®'s corporate coach training program is called CCC International Diploma Coach Training ProgramTM” and is a customizable ICF accredited coach training program for companies, departments and organizations.

The program is the first of its kind for the corporate market – creating a 'conscious way of being' as a leader, team member and organisation whilst at the same time accrediting people within the organisations as professional coaches.


CCC International Diploma Coach Training ProgramTM is designed specifically for the workplace and will revolutionise the way your employees think, live and act in business.

Delivered by internationally qualified and experienced coach trainers, this dynamic and constructively challenging program will empower your people to be highly effective communicators, active team players and inspiring leaders.


Program Outcomes
By the end of the program, participants will gain:

  • an internationally recognised Professional Coaching Diploma, accredited by the ICF (International
    Coach Federation)
  • the know-how to successfully integrate coaching as a way of being and doing in business
  • the ability to facilitate change and be a source for transformation in their organisations
  • a more conscious approach to leadership and relationships within organisations
  • powerful coaching skills that enable: 

- committed real-time business problem solving
- significantly increased performance and productivity
- sustainable team cohesion and development
- conscious conflict resolution
- empowering communication across all channels
- inspiring and effective leadership
- responsible relationship management

Program Content

  • Exploring the context and content of consciousness, and how to operate it successfully
  • The meaning and practice of essential consciousness and CCC International Diploma Coach Training Program principles:

- Integrity and authenticity
- The Ladder of Power – transforming complaints into victories
- Compassion
- Assumptions – or rather, the power of no assumptions
- Transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs
- Mastering the comfort zone

  • Basics in the art of coaching

- The concept of coaching and how it is distinguished from consulting, therapy and training
- The CCC methodology/model/strategy
- Ethics and Core Competencies of coaching according to CCC and the International Coach Federation (ICF)
- Relating the coaching core competencies to the art of relating in the workplace
- The 8 golden BC coaching rules
- Structure, preparation and delivery of coaching sessions
- Practical training in delivering coaching
- Competence development in essential communication skills

  • Advanced coaching techniques:

- The power and effect of questioning
- Listening
- Time and timing
- Efficiency and effectiveness
- Responsibility
- Connection
- Making wrong – making right

  • Application and integration of coaching techniques and principles in the workplace


Program Duration & Structure
The program is 10 full days in duration – split into 5 modules of two days each.

Training Approach
CCC International Diploma Coach Training Program combines practical, tangible and experiential learning methodologies to deliver a highly interactive and challenging program that engages participants, expands their awareness of self and others, and equips them with indispensable coaching skills to transform the workplace, all in a space where they can have fun while doing it.


Talk to one of the CC representatives in your area to find out more about the CCC International Diploma Coach Training Program program.