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Trainer Training


The Consciousness Coaching Academy (CCA) is proud to offer one of the best train-the-trainer
education programs in the world. Carefully designed and developed by Master Trainer Marc Steinberg MCC, the Master V program offers the challenge to go beyond conditioning and ego in order to achieve excellence and mastery in trainer-being, training-doing and leadership.

Candidates considering this program are asked to be clear to consider how far they want to go and whether they have their heart and mind at the right place.

Master V consists of 4 levels:Untitled

  • Level 1 includes training and graduation on the level of “Basic Trainer skills”
  • Level 2 includes training and graduation on the level of “Professional Trainer”
  • Level 3 includes training and graduation on the level of “CCA Trainer”
  • Level 4 includes training and graduation on the level of “CCA Master Trainer”

Level 1
The MV trainees learn the ABC of training facilitation, trainer support structures and
holistic service principles. They develop their first competencies in leading introductions, sharing sessions, video feedback sessions and facilitating exercises. That includes the development of skills
in successfully leading the Assistance Training Program as an ATL (Assistant Team Leader).

Level 2
Focuses on developing professional presentation skills, professional competencies in
marketing, facilitating and leading trainings and events. Learning leadership, mentor- and supervision
skills in order to help develop other trainees (MV Level 1 trainees). Graduation with the CCA
certificate “Professional Trainer”.

Level 3
This level trains the professional trainer (MV Level 2 graduate) to become a fully qualified
CCA Trainer, reaching mastery up front and back stage in all presentation, facilitation and leadership
skills and disciplines, especially in the core inquiries of the Master curriculum.

Level 4
Transcends Level 1, 2 and 3 and challenges the candidate to “go far beyond 100%” and achieve the competencies expected on the CCA Master Trainer level. This level of CCA‟s Master V trainer program is for the rare gems of individuals who have found their true north, their vocation and chose to create their legacy within the world of Consciousness Coaching .

The train-the-trainer training happens primarily in real time while an actual CC training is delivered. This is a very rare structure in the world of trainer trainings. CCA‟s trainer trainees get live experience from the very beginning and get developed in reality and not staged classroom scenarios.

The MV Levels do have a typical number of internships to be absolved, however the main principle is to promote the trainee according to performance and developed core competencies. If the required competencies are present, the trainee moves on to the next level (fast-tracking principle).

More Information
For more information and the extensive brochure and application forms please contact us.



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