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Consciousness Training

The word “consciousness” has finally reached societal awareness. Leaders of all walks are using it and referring to something that is beyond the individual and it’s mind. The Sunday Times called consciousness recently “the new currency”. Oprah promotes consciousness frequently, and even politicians are using the term more and more.

Consciousness Coaching® has been a pioneer and thought leader since the early 90s’ in the field of consciousness.

To awaken consciousness in the individual, to expand consciousness, and ultimately to unite mankind in consciousness is Consciousness Coaching®’s vision and mission.

For this Consciousness Coaching® offers a full range of consciousness courses, from the foundation course Master I – The Awareness Process™ to the mighty ‘Whole yacht-retreat’.


Master I - A new state of Consciousness
(The Awareness Process™)

Master I is a 4-days breakthrough experience and transformational process, and serves as well as the  foundation course of Consciousness Coaching® and  as the prerequisite to becoming a Consciousness Coach®.

Each  training  day  contains  powerful  consciousness  exploration  sessions  delivered  by  a Consciousness  Coaching® Master  Trainer,  combined  with  practical  exercises  and  other  insightful  processes.

You will receive a 200-pages workbook to accompany you on the journey.
The key benefits of Master I include greater clarity on your goals, heightened awareness and an expanded range of self-expression. Packaged into four challenging and fun days, you get powerful training in the art of operating and living consciously, including the skill of transforming anger into passion.

  • Freedom – feel free, be free and act free
  • Passion – create the life you love to live
  • Energy – transform anger into passion
  • Clarity – know your calling and act from vision
  • Integrity – get things done
  • Awareness – perceive reality from new levels
  • Authenticity – be real and incorruptible
  • Presence – be here and now.

MASTERY OF SUCCESS    (4-days course)

Prerequisite for the course: Master I - The Awareness Process™ graduation.

In Mastery of Success you learn to apply Consciousness Coaching principles to maximize your ability to win people, attract desirable circumstances, and generate abundance. 

  • Building the foundations for massive success in all areas of your life  
  • Creating an attitude to "selling" that is a win-win for you and your environment
  • Establishing rapport with clients, colleagues, and leader personalities  
  • Knowing when to stick and when to quit  
  • Using the power of Chronos & Chairos – time and timing
  • Handling objections and winning clients
  • Transforming your relationship to money
  • Combining the power of 100% being and 100% doing to operate at 200%
  • Thinking and living "out of the box" 

Mastery of Success is a highly experiential 4-day training process that is both insightful and fun. You will discover and practice executive coaching and leadership tools, conscious sales techniques, and entrepreneurial  skills that are essential for crafting breakthrough achievements.

Numerous exercises and processes of Mastery of Success are designed to take you "out of the box" and train you to utilize 100% (x2) of your potential. In Mastery of Success you will be challenged to go from good to great and from great to outstanding, leave your comfort zone, and deepen your capacity to express yourself. 

The  result  of  Mastery of Success  is  a  level-up  in  consciousness  that  allows  you  to  source  success  on  a  holistic level: inner and outer abundance.




Prerequisite for the course: Master I - A new state of Consciousness  
Mastery of Relationships is a 3-day training that applies the principles of Consciousness Coaching to the field of relationships. The course supports you in becoming the source of joy, satisfaction, and connection in relating to other human beings.

  • Communication – relate to another in a way that inspires and deepens your relationship
  • Passion – convert resignation into new possibilities
  • Integrity – make and keep win-win agreements where both parties‟ needs are met
  • Awareness – recognize the impact of conditioning, and move beyond it
  • Trust – build the foundation for your relationship to grow
  • Completion – get the dust off your relationships, starting with parents
  • Authenticity – express yourself with courage and compassion
  • Context – create the space for yourself and your partner to be

Mastery of Relationships is open for anyone willing to to improve their skills in diverse kinds of
relationships. It is an invaluable experience for couples as well as for single persons.

During the training days you will go through inquiries, transformational processes, and practical exercises that are specifically aimed at offering you a new perspective and insights necessary to create the relationships you would love to have.


More Information on the courses

For more information and the extensive brochure and application forms please contact us.




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