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After 4 amazing days of the Master I, I had this morning an appointment with my naturopathic therapist with my therapist that uses deep massages. This massage improves blood circulation which gives you renewed energy and balance on physical, mental and emotional level.When she started with my lower back, she wondered what I had recently changed my life. Because my kidneys and my liver felt so incredibly warm. My first question was where are these organs directly for? And the answer was immediately clear to me, these organs stand for LIFE ENERGY! When I told her that I have 4 wonderful days behind me, she also had a question to me :) When is the next Master I and where do I sign up!

Claire Schroijen, Netherlands

Looking back on my Master I, consciousness coaching course, I love it: learned a lot, had breakdowns, blissful moments, and even breakthroughs and saw things I never was aware could happen. Grateful for all the wonderful people who made it possible and to life itself. Light has never shine so brightly. Purely trilled and excited by all the life energy absorbed, can't wait for what greatness is ahead to come. Thank you for sharing true love, life is good, life is beautiful once more.

Pascal Kwee, Netherlands

“Redbull gives you wings… Consciousness Coaching® makes you fly!”

Andrew Franks, CEO Tagon

“The best word I can think of to accurately describe my experience is OUTRAGEOUS – in the most positive sense. My fabulous future started on day one and I cant wait for the rest of the journey. Thank you!”

Chantal Smuts

“Your enlightenment and structured approach, is like a lightning strike in the darkness. You are in my book one of the most visionary people to have walked this planet. You are living your word, awesome!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for lifting the vale.”

Riaan Kruger

“The most amazing process of self-creation, self-discovery I could ever imagine. Powerful and sensible at the same time. A diamond on its own right”

Cristian Cernat, Engineer

“One of the most empowering experiences of my life. I am forever changed”

Janae Morgan, Financial Lending Manager, San Diego, USA

“This course has absolutely changed my life. In just 4 days it has managed to guide me to clarity on my purpose in life and give me the tools to handle anything that life may bring over my path”

Paula Facci, Marketing Specialist

“Master I is an incredibly powerful course that has the ability to open up new possibilities for you and your life. It has had a profound impact on me and I recommend it wholeheartedly. I have especially appreciated how compatible it is with my faith system and how it has empowered me to live a fuller christian life”

Sam Adams, Self-employed

“Master I gives you the tools to lead your best and most empowered life. It has 100% solidified my decision to become a full time coach. I am incredibly grateful for the roadmap it has provided me with for myself whilst I pursue my other coaching studies”

Jeanne Beukes, Sales and Marketing Manager

“This course offered me the plarform that helped me realize my True Authentic Being that I had supressed all these years. I now have the ablitity to let my light shine with confidence”

Brenda Cernat, Specialist Buyer

“Awesome! A beautifully integrated experience that opens up limitless possibilities. If you are serious about a life of value – allow yourself to do it”

Hendrikus Van Den Bergh, Communications Consultant

“It was fantastic. In just 4 days it teaches you to live your life in a better way. Its mission is straightforward, and its leaders have the utmost integrity. It is what it says it is”

Lisa Mervis

“It is totally life-changing – you have to experience it first-hand. I think it should be compulsory for every adult”

Susanne Bames, Landscaper

“I finally understand the meaning of key “creations” in my life – love, integrity, my word! I know how to recognize and tap into consciousness. I can embrace my passion and create my best life”

Kerry Murray, Online Entrepreneur

“Realizing the untapped unlimited resource of power and energy I have been sitting on has made me stand up and start walking as the giant of my dreams”

Jacques Van Der Walt, Marketing Consultant

“Master I is life enhancing and enlightening. I do believe that all human beings in quest for fulfilment should embark on a journey of discovery and the start is Master I”

Pateka Mjamekwana, Marketing Consultant

“An enormously powerful transformational experience. Catapults you into a new, powerful state of consciousness”

Julia Griss, Massage Therapist and Life Coach

“This is an authentic process that helps people to grow in their own personal capacity. My experience was amazing and I would not trade it for anything”

Thato Ramotsehoa, Student

“For the first time I have been given tools that I will use to create the life I dream of. For the first time I understand the meaning of integrity”

Dawn Marole, Banker

“Master I challenged my mind, body and soul, allowing me the space to explore a part of my being that I knew was there, but have only been able to access through Consciousness Coaching®”

Carmen Bell, Project Manager

“It was an awesome personal journey. I found my true self in these days. I will recommend this journey to anyone searching”

Annette Robertson, Principal of the nursery school

“A magnificent journey of growth and wisdom. Reality like never before”

Karen van der Bijl, Children’s Tutor

“I finally get it when people say that they are born again. I once was blind, but now I see! What I do with this experience is entirely up to me!”

Christopher Robertson, Manager

“This was a professional and highly effective transformational process. I loved every minute of it”

Simon Leigh

“I have done my courses over the last year, this has turned my life around and made me deal with MASSIVE core issues and left me feeling free and elightened”

Wendy Bowley, Reiki Practicioner

“It was the most insightful and moving experience for me discovering who I am and who I need to be and how to consciously create my own self through being true and authentic”

Richard Walker, Operations Manager

“Awesome, liberating. A must when you are committed to living life to the fullest capacity”

Lise Parry

“The most empowering experience of my life. I trully believe that anything is possible”

Shelley Phillips

“It has benn an incredible journey in self-discovery, connection with my passion and connectedness with others”

Sally Wellbeloved

“A life-changing 4 days that can be intense, emotional and scary at times but all handled brilliantly in a safe environment. The results are worth it…and you get back what you put in, so give it 100%!”

Kate Lovstow, Actress

“It is enlightening, emotional to the point that t is empowering. It will wake up the splendid sleeping giant within”

Craig Broadfoot, Strategic Relations Manager

“As far as coaching is concerned, and as far as I happen to know, your course is the first to be based so essentially on a major philosopher. And then, you are not doing mere psychiatric therapy, that is, fixing broken bones, but as coaching is supposed to do, you do your best to help people fly… These are, therefore, the revelations which I got from your Master I course

Prof. Elemer Rosinger, University of Pretoria

“During Master I, I learned that I am the master of my own destiny, that everything I need, I already possess and that I am more powerful that I ever could have dreamed”

Bronwyn Grobler

“‘The future is NOW!’ – with this sophisticated attitude, Consciousness Coaching® distinguishes itself remarkably from the rest of the market”

Dr. David W. Dubowy, Dipl. Psychologist

“If you are looking for a transformational course to assist you in discovering your TRUE SELF and what it is you really want out of life – this is it!”

Pierre Joubert

“It is just one of those things you have to do no matter what or you loose out on so much knowledge”

Irene Dos Reis

“Master I came at just the right time for me. The experience is life changing and illuminating. I am so excited!”

Julie Timm, Local Government Practicioner

“The course provides a simple but comprehensive framework to transform your life. It is about simple but hard choices to have to make”

Craig Pilgrim, Stock Broker

“This course is a life-changing experience. Makes one see many things for what it is”

Nicky Moses, HR Director

“Will recommend this terrific course to my managers. Terrific experience!!!”

Sibusiso Kunene, Head of Department

“It is mind-blowing. I only realize now that I have been asleep for so many years. I now feel like a Duracelll Bunny with a GPS”.

Kerry Nelson, Account Manager

“Thank you for the beginning of a truly fabulous journey in my life. It is inspiring, supportive, refreshing stuff! Master I has been completely eye-opening. I have experienced immense joy and wonder over the last 4 days”.

Jane Pitt, Interior Designer

“Make the time, find the monet and go on an amazing experience that will change your life (even if you don’t aspire to become a coach)”.

Angela Petricevic, Account Executive


MASTER I webinar series

“For me, what really works is the whole being in the group on a weekly basis. In fact, I would love it to last for longer. Forever maybe! I find that, from week to week, a whole different setting appears, even if I always am in the same room and using the same computer. These webinars are really helping me to keep present to consciousness and to my own process and, therefore, I cherish it deeply.”

Rocio Fatas, UK


“I am full of gratitude for your creation. I admit that I couldn't imagine how/whether it would work for me. That was of course from my thrown context. The webinars I participated in in the past were more lectures and I wasn't sure whether it would be able to establish connections with everybody. And boy am I positively surprised!”

Silke Grabatsch, Duesseldorf



“An awesome experience to identify how to connect with your true self”

Sue Schreuder, Internal Marketing Manager

“It will move you, it will give you tools to become whole…You will get to know the real, true you”

Elizabeth Congdon, IT Project Manager

“This was an all inspiring, brutally invasive to the soul experience, that took me to places of possibilities I didn’t know existed. Awesome! I like that!”

Koketso Mosemeke, Consultant

“Master II has peeled away layers of confusion so that I found my authentic self. It was absolutely beautiful and earth shuttering. I am excited with life!”

Ngobite Nzimande, IT Business Analyst

“It took away the fear of the storm and moved me to dance in the rain”

Desmond Zeelie, Headmaster

“It’s beautiful in Tahiti! Master II has caused major shifts. How incredible it is to have tangible, easily useable tools to support my journey!”

Mary Grossett, Sales Enroller

“Master II signigicantly deepened my self-awareness while introducing me to the beautiful art of coaching as a profession and a way of life which has opened up another realm of possibilities for fulfillment, love, peace and joy as a way of being”

Jacques Van Der Walt, Marketing Consultant

“If you want to take control of your destiny this is for you! This is not self-development, it is life-changing!”

Avril Nymal, Learning Performance Consultant

“This course has made me see my own power. It has inspired me to be a better person and live a life of integrity. It has shown me that I can choose to do absolutely anything I want – as simple as that!”

Paula Facci, Marketing Specialist

“Every thought, every emotion, every action is determined by one thing: How do you relate to it? This is the opportunity to create, and the insight to see that you have the power to have the relationship that lasts with continued love and where everyday is a honeymoon”
Quinton Theron, Operations Manager

“I am amazed and at awe of the masterful mind that created this powerful, empowering transformation process. It works because the master walks his talk. It is truly legendary”

Matheo Galatis

“It has been a truly empowering experience and has left me with the tools to start being the person I want to be in every aspect of my life and to create the life I would be happy waking up into every morning”

Margariet Lumgair, Industrial Engineer

“It is magical, transformational and life-changing. Awesome. It gives direction to the uncertain”

Vincent Chuene

“Just do it – You can’t put a cost on happiness. If that’s what you want in your life Consciousness Coaching® is the answer”

Louise Ramsden, Yoga Teacher/Nutritional Advisor

“My experience was absolutely awesome – a whole new world has opened up but I can’t share more because this is something you have to experience for yourself!”

Catharina Stone, Accountant

“This course has shifted me out of “this is it, and there is nothing I can do about it” to “this is what I want it to be, and this is how I commit to having it!”

Tiffany Krupke

“From the first moment of your coach training you know with certainty that this will be unlike anything you have experienced before. The principles taught are powerful in their effect and their footprint immense. Around these you gain an insight in and understanding of humanity, and yourself, giving you clarity far beyond seeing the world through a misted window. To really get people and be able to make a difference that runs deep and lasts the seasons”

Gerry Bartel, Business Owner

“My Master II participation has been one AWESOME experience. It truly is no motivational hype and change take place in a meaningful way. I feel true empowerment and find myself in a position to effect real change in my life! Thank you!”

Matthew Hess

“Just when I thought life was ‘okay’, I realised I wasn’t happy with just ‘okay’. This realisation lead me to a very dark place. All I can say is a most sincere and honest THANK YOU to Consciousness Coaching® for pulling me out of that darkness and not only pull me into the light but gave me the direction I need to continue”

Basily Arundel, IT

“I could not imagine being pulled out of my comfort zone more than I was in Master I but Master II proved I could. It has again been enlightening, fun, confronting and awesome Master II again lived up to the Consciousness Coaching® standards of Inspiring, Moving and Touching!”

Marna Fritz , Training & Development Project Manager

“My journey thus far has shown me the power of forgiveness and that I can have compassion without emotional attachment. My experience has given me the tools to more effectively coach people needing guidance. I feel empowered and excited and look forward to more!”
Martijn Brunott, IT Director Netverse

“I have been transformed. And it hasn’t changed material things as yet and while I’m excited about what is about to become. I am so in awe of my whole being. Just by changing the way I look at things the things I look at have changed”

Masooda Fadal

“I thought that Master I was a liberating experience … Master II has just been WOW!”

Lester Grovers, Sales

“Master II provided me with the opportunity and the tools to forgive myself. I leave the course enlightened and lighter”

Theresa Couzyn, Trainer

“You need to get yourself some of that consciousness stuff!”

Linda de Almeida, Self-employed

“This has been the most valuable gift I could ever have given myself. Do it! Right now! Don’t wait!”

Ange Surridge, Marketing Specialist

“I am in awe of the process and how it all comes together. A very powerful tool for transforming my life and creating an even more amazing me!”

Isabelle Laws, General Manager



“Life changing. A gift to yourself and everyone in your life”

Robyn Shani, Fashion Designer and Life Coach

“An exhilirating offering – tantalizing experiences, insights, breakdowns and breakthroughs, a powerful energy to commit to the challenges of the future”

Atieno Odenyo, Development Consultant

“Experience it yourself. You will never be the same again. You will never need external validation”

Karine Michaelidis, Self-employed

“Unbelievable, incredible, transformational. I would recommend that every single person does this!”

Yvette Offenberg, Teacher

“An awesome inspiring life-changing course. Real value you can live each day of a fantastic new life”

Dion Marks, Entrepreneur

“I salute Marc Steinberg for developing this programme. The journey to self-mastery begins here. I am alive! Bring it on!”

Pateka Ngadi-Mjamekwana, Consciousness Coach

“This experience was a roller-coaster ride to achieving my goal. But I have to say that along with all the highs even the plummering, gut wrenching lows are a gift”

Heather Coombe, Consultant

“It really challenged me with having my ego and vice versa. I’ve definitely been pushed out of my comfort zone”

Fahdia Cason, Administrator

“Amazing, awesome, insightful! At some times hard and challenging and creation of a stand to get through. Happiness is attainable! Yeah!”

Marcel D’Allende, SAP Conscultant

“A thrilling experience of awareness creation! Wow, nothing is wrong! I now know who I really am, a fan has lifted from my Soul – I am smiling! Thank you for the insight..and challenge”

Elizabeth Congdon, IT Project Manager

“Consciousness Coaching® provides for authentic and sustainable personal transformation. A unique way to shift and escalate your power”

June Hilton

“The Consciousness Coaching® Coach Training has become a fundamental contribution to my personal growth; it transformed the way I perceive the people of this world”

Dipl. med. Michael Beeking, Berlin

“At certain times I doubted my actions regarding my life and asked myself whether what I’m doing is right, whether it makes a contribution and where it all leads to. During these training days I eventually stopped doubting. What a big relief!”

Nick Berglmeir, IT entrepreneur, Germany

“It’s been a tough journey. Had to take the saving I really really need and invest in this course. Some revelations were painful but it was all worth everything. Watch out world here I come!”

Karabelo Pistoe

“If you really want to change your life, here is how to get the know-how and environment to get you into action”

Santije Marais, Educator

“Master III is the vehicle to secure your foundation as a Consciousness Coach®”

Karin De Jager, Public Relations Officer

“Absolutely worth it. If you want to live the life you would love to live you need to take the courage and do Consciousness Coaching”
Gugu Mhlongo, Coach

“The course has left me feeling fully equipped to source from within and without whatever I need to deal with whatever life throws at me. I have never been so confident that I can do life whatever and wherever. Now just keep watching the headlines!”

Zandile Mokgatte, Medical Practicioner

“This work has shown me that I have all the resources and power required to create absolutely anything in my life and the strength to manage whatever life could possibly bring my way. This work has given me my life, I am now am active creator of my future and no longer a spectator to my own life – Thank You!”

Paula Facci, Coach

“The experience is priceless. You can’t quantify joy, love and passion and I now know how to create all of these in my life”.

Britt Woodward, Coach



“It really helped me in getting my vision clear”

Dyon Voogt, Entrepreneur

“It’s about so much more than marketing – selling is an everyday and beautiful thing”

Bert Corsius, Director

“Don’t think just do it!”

Michael Sabrkhany, Account Manager

“If you want to become successful in whatever point in your life – do this training! In equips you on the point with the tools you need and a whole new experience of having fun in being outrageous”

Karin Frohn, Consciousness Coach, Body Therapist and Architect

“Master IV has shown me that I am the source of my wealth. As above – so below, as within – so without. I feel empowered to create my inner and outer wealth with beauty and inspiration”

Violetta Pleshakova, PhD student

“If thinking is not yours, don’t think about it, just do it”

Alan Berning, Business Development Manager

“A life-changing, powerful expression of one’s self. Discovering the true you and leaving with the conviction that success is attainable”

June Hilton, Self-employed

“Absolutely awesome! You reignite the power, passion and energy in you and become that incredible person you wanted to be”

Sue Schreuder, Internal Marketing Manager

“This was what I needed to complete my roadmap in gaining the clarity for my new business, which by the way starts today!”

Julie Timm, Local Government Manager

“Executive Coaching – What if it is not about time but timing! What if it is not about money but attracting abundance? Consider to get that there is an effortless, more flowing and abundant way of living as an executive and doing your business. Imagine getting all of that in one day! On relationships – A whole new world opened up where relationships are based on agreements and not expectations, fueled with magic and passion. The process of liberating a couple to live from their vision is also very exciting. An amazingly detailed day on creating a successful relationship. Sales – A stunning transformation in the way we do sales and ‘be’ sales that will keep your self respect in tact whilst creating maximum results.”

Berdine Bronkhorst, Legal Advisor


"Just attended Mastery of Success and changed my relationship to time and money not one moment to soon! Thank you Marc Steinberg. The CC curriculum for me is the equivalent of 20 years of meditation and contemplation in a retreat. I am so grateful that I could do it fast forward!"

Emma van der Merwe, Executive at Nedbank, South Africa

“Although I thought that I’m able to move freely in front of a camera and that I can deliver a public talk fluently, I learned through Consciousness Coaching® what it really means to perform convincingly and professionally. Ever since then there isn’t any more insecurity or fear regarding that medium”

Frank Ziegler, TV presenter, Munich


“Feel more solid in what I have to offer and can see the way out of what felt like quicksand. I was able to get in touch with my gut-level response to money in a way that enables me to transform that relationship easily and in a fun way. This course would benefit everybody I know – especially entrepreneurs”

Carola Meyer, Johannesburg

“This course answered most of the questions I had about linking selling with coaching! Transition a guarantee! Conscious thinking left in a still growing state… Everything I had questions on and even matters I didn’t think of…was addressed”

Welma Vogel

“Absolutely life changing. I have been empowered, am being empowered still bu the impact this program has! I know I can go out there and start succeeding in my business. It truly is the Mastery of Success!”

Taubie Motlhabane, Events Consultant

“There is a difference between success and massive success – this course will get you to massive success like no other – thank you!”

Artemis Euas, Client Management Consultant

“Every time I think I have reached my full potential, another layer appears! Very, very empowering in realising I can create the future I want”

Ilana Joubert, Director

“Coaching has revolutionized the way I interact with this unavoidable aspect of our life: Sales & marketing is a natural state of human existence”

Vicky Manamela, Engineer, Van der Bijl Park




“A whole new world opened up where relationships are based on agreements and not expectations, fueled with magic and passion. The process of liberating a couple to live from their vision is also very exciting. An amazingly detailed day on creating a successful relationship.”

Berdine Bronkhorst, Entrepreneur, Johannesburg




"Thank you for the CR which has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. You are a truly great and inspiring man and your work and teachings have helped me to make a step change that would otherwise have taken me years. If there is ever anyone that does not experience your love and light like this, it can only be because of their fear of stepping into their own light, integrity and responsibility. One day they will come around, or maybe in another life time".

Emma Van Der Merwe, Johannesburg


"I experienced the retreat as a great balanced journey through everybody's deepest stuff from dark to light, from taking to giving and especiall from being separate to being one. I love to have had the experience of how it actually is to move and act as a whole. An absolute pleasure and honour to be here, being love".

Karin Frohn, Germany


“The insight and learning of myself was so deeply profound and majestic. The venue, Marc and team and the other delegates made my experience PERFECT!!”

Darshana Hansjee (Business Solutions Manager), Johannesburg, South Africa


“The most amazing life changing experience I ever had. I really feel new and stronger than ever before.”

Matthew Slabber (self-employed), Cape Town, South Africa


“I came here full of fear and resistance. Through this incredible process I leave free and with full self-acceptance.”

Mariska De Klerk (senior Commercial Specialist), South Africa


“Do the retreat, it will change your life!”

Liketso Mashigo (Human Resources), Johannesburg, South Africa


“If you want to reach complete self-acceptance, you don’t want to miss the retreat. Bliss in all my bodies.”

Benoit Hameleers (Consciousness Coach and trainer), Maastricht, the Netherlands


“There is so much love and creation power that CR will awaken in you, you won’t believe it!

Ali Sohail (PR), Brussels, Belgium


“Life changing experience, Freeing, Completing. Best use of life time. Go, Go, Go!”

Alex Bormann (Engineer, Entrepreneur), Berlin, Germany


“If you think Anthony Robbins is inspiring and great, then you should definitely meet Marc Steinberg.”

Marko Leeman (Tour Manager), The Hague, The Netherlands


“Now I get the true meaning of me, myself and I and the 3 of us leave this retreat complete.”

Susan Taks (Soulce, administrator), Sittard, The Netherlands


“Challenging; fully out of comfort zone; connecting; giving; finding myself back; fulfilling; shining; creating.”

Lina Kusaite (Illustrator, artist, coach), Brussels, Belgium


“An amazing alignment of the three Selves that are me. I see even more the power of dance to heal when we surrender to it. An intense sharing over 6 days of vulnerability and strength.”

Susanne Bentley (Dancer, Teacher, Coach), Brussels, Belgium


“I was blind and now I see. My heart has ground and existence is flooding me.”

Andrea Hackl (Dancer and Massage Therapist), Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“I would tell everyone that it is absolutely true that you can step into the light.”

Hans Hermans (Horeca), Sittard, The Netherlands

"The CR gave me the experience of pure inner peace with myself, the world around me, with everything. I made the experience how we could live together on this planet, as people who give not take and live according to the calling of the Whole. And: the CR was so much fun!!!"

Nona Bosse, Germany


"After this retreat I feel liberated! I feel the light shining through me. It's astonishing that this man, Marc Steinberg, created for us. Deep respect".

Annette Mesterom, the Netherlands


"It is a life opening experience that invites full expression of what a human being can be. It brought me to death and to re-birth and I am so grateful!"

Natalia Kuzmicheva, Belgium


“Master 1 + 2 is only foreplay. The CR is where the real magic happens.”
Roy van Kessel, Amsterdam


"I joined the one week consciousness retreat with Marc in Malaga. So many doors opened, which I sensed in its tremendously powerful lasting significance just back home. And I am so impressively in the flow since, including some unbelievable coincidences after returning.”
Carla Dohna, Switzerland


“Shut up and FEEL - the only way to heal.”
Wim van Grinsven, Netherlands


“I came to heal myself; I leave to heal the Whole.”
Geert Acke, Brussels


“It’s like a I’m suddenly having additional eyes with which I’m seeing things I haven’t been able to see before. Amazing!”
 Anja Morell , Munich


"So you can see with you own eyes the beauty within and without, and never miss again the point of being alive"

Fabio Bauer, Belgium
“Consciousness Retreat = the most profound and enriching experience of my life. Thank you to the Light for healing us all despite our deepest fears. Thank you to my fellow consciousness explorers - without you and your unwavering love and support for me my breakthrough into this new place of being would not have been possible. For a long time now I've been searching and working hard and training to be the best transformer for others that I can be - when all that was needed was for me to get out of the way and let the light shine through me for others. When they experience that they are transformed :-) Hahahahahahahaa!!!!!! And I worked so hard!!!!! :-) Can't stop smiling at the ridiculousness of this :-)”
Gina Hayden, London, UK



"I just felt compelled to share having just watched your Intro to Consciousness DVD for the 3rd time now that your work is truly a work of art. The depths and levels of truth in your teachings and the freedom they bring are remarkable. I cannot believe the new levels of possibilities and depth of insight that open up for me every time I watch them. As I have consumed and had my eyes opened by this journey I have experienced such a shift and empowerment to take back control of my life and so I would like to just say thank you for your life work, it is beautiful".

Chris Garvey, South Africa




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