Consciousness Coaching Academy

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Trainer Academy Dropbox

Please go to our CCA Dropbox to access your material.

Learning goals

Master II

Master II consists of four training days + practice time thereafter, during which participants apply the acquired skills in giving and receiving coaching sessions. Additionally the participant is encouraged to take the 6CS Consciousness Coaching® sessions package (available at the local CC® representative) and receive professional Consciousness Coaching®.by a CCA certified Consciousness Coach®



a) Advanced Consciousness Development

Master I opened up new worlds of possibilities, freedom and power; Master II resumes The Expansion Process™ and takes it to the next level: The Expansion Process II. On this level the participant gets challenged and trained in the secrets and the art of completion, connection and creation, meaning: the acquisition of the power to create the life one loves to live. The distinctions of Master I are put into action and practical tools are examined, integrated and practised.

b) Learning to become a Master in Communication

In Master II the student gets introduced to and taught the basics in the art of coaching. Coaching as understood by the CCA Consciousness Coaching® Academy is the competence to conduct relationship interactions in such a way that both parties are left empowered, uplifted and a little bit more enlightened – whether it is one’s relationship with one’s spouse, children, the boss, colleagues or professional coaching clients.

c) Professional accredited Coach Training

Master II provides the first steps towards an accredited Personal/Life Coach or Business/Executive Coach trained in Professional Coaching and Consciousness Coaching®. Realize your dreams with CCI's International Coaching Academy by learning leading-edge communication skills and how to master the unlimited success you can achieve through the power of Consciousness Coaching®.

 Advanced Consciousness Training Contents:

  • The Ladder of Power® - from Victim to Victor
  • Meaning and practice of Integrity and Authenticity
  • Consciousness Inventory
  • Vision & Mission - discovery, definition and design
  • Advanced distinctions:
    • Getting
    • Listening
    • Compassion
    • Completion

The Art of Coaching Contents:

  • The concept of coaching and how it is distinct from consulting, therapy & training
  • Understanding and choosing of the right coaching model
  • Ethics of coaching according to Consciousness Coaching® and the ICF
  • The 8 golden Consciousness Coaching® rules
  • Structure, preparation and delivery of coaching sessions
  • The Consciousness Coaching® model and protocol
  • Practice training in delivering coaching
  • Competence development in essential communication skills:
    • Questioning
    • Listening
    • Feedback
    • Sharing

Theory & Insight classes; Video-Feedback; Live-Coaching observation; exercises; study & practice assignments. Frame program: Meditation, Light Dance, Hojo.



Master III

Master III offers intensified consciousness & coach training on the level of Professional and Consciousness Coaching® according to ICF and Consciousness Coaching®standards.

Master III consists of:

  • Part 1: four training days followed by one month of practice and integration and
  • Part 2: four training days, followed by further practice on the professionalcoach level.


  • Getting the distinction: ‘Responsibility’
  • Study and practice of the ICF core competencies
  • Study and practice of advanced coaching techniques
  • Facilitating change and sourcing transformation
  • Being trained and authorized to facilitate the Consciousness Coaching®
  • Applying the power of context in the coaching interactions
  • Transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs
  • Mastering the Consciousness Coaching® protocol/model/cycle
  • Deepening authenticity (going through the VIA Video Identity Analysis)
  • Learning to love (coach) unconditionally
  • Creating Enthusiasm anywhere, anytime
  • Mastery in compassionate self-expression
  • Exercising advanced levels of coaching dialogues
  • Creating a context for you Being “Nothing’s wrong!”
  • The Mongolian Run experience
  • Mastering the comfort zone

By the end of Master III, students will have:

  • Completed their awareness on the professional coach levelAcquired the ability to introduce Consciousness Coaching® ACs
  • Maximized their power to impact consciousness using language
  • Being powerful in attracting desired circumstances
  • Achieved the competence to professionally coach
  • Achieved the maturity to register for the CCA exam component and acquire the ICF recognized “Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®“


AC Awareness Creation components:

  • Transf. Anger into Passion
  • The Power of the Word
  • Integrity


  • The Power to Act
  • Ladder of Power®
  • Story vs Isness
  • Context User Manual
  • Consciousness Inventory
  • The Art of Completion
  • Vision & Mission
  • Comfort Zone

Theory & Insight classes; Video-Feedback; Live-Coaching observation; exercises; study & practice assignments. Frame program: Meditation, Light Dance, Hojo.

About Us

Consciousness Coaching® is a groundbreaking methodology of consciousness development, personal transformation and coaching. Based on extensive research in the fields of psychology, ontology, Eastern and Western philosophy Consciousness Coaching® is a powerful way of living your life and co-creating a holistic reality.

Founded by Marc Steinberg, Consciousness Coaching® Academy (CCA) is a training institution dedicated to the vision of creating a revolution in consciousness and making love a worldwide reality. Its mission is to facilitate consciousness development through first class coach training programs.

CCA sees coaching as a way of life, more than just a professional activity. It defines coaching as the art of conducting any human interaction in such a way that all parties are left empowered, uplifted and more enlightened than before.

The Consciousness Coaching® Master curriculum is a cutting-edge solution for coach training as well as for personal transformation. 4-day Consciousness Coaching® courses offer a breakthrough experience that leads to whole new levels of fulfillment, authenticity and joy. A powerful blend of practical exercises, transformational processes, inquiries and essentials of professional A-class coaching equips every individual with the knowledge required to become an outstanding coach and create a life that is a masterpiece.

The CCA Master curriculum is recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

The clients of Consciousness Coaching® include:

L'Oreal • McDonalds • Masterfoods • Metropolitan Life • Department of Defence • BP • City of Cape Town • IBN • Eli Lilly • Harley Davidson • Trade World • Gauteng Provincial Government • Nedcare • M.O.L. • BMW • MTM • Nedbank • Dimension Data • Mobitel

"As far as coaching is concerned, and as far as I happen to know, your course is the first to be based so essentially on a major philosopher. And then, you are not doing mere psychiatric therapy, that is, fixing broken bones, but as coaching is supposed to do, you do your best to
help people fly… These are, therefore, the revelations which I got from
your Master I course."
Prof. Elemer Rosinger,
University of Pretoria



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